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Notes on some of the sites in the FTP section:

  1. ( /pub/
    The Arizona Macintosh Users Group (AMUG) ftp site is one of the major Mac sites on the net. The only problem the site has is that it tends to be very hard for non-members to log on and there are few mirror sites.
  2. ( /pub/mac/
    Bilkent University Preparatory School Macintosh archive. It contains more than 2000 files collected from well known archives and still getting new ones.
    All Files: /BUPS-MacArchive/AllFiles.txt
    Recent Files: /BUPS-MacArchive/NewFiles/
    Help: /BUPS-MacArchive/!!README
    How to Upload: FTP - put to the directory /BUPS-MacArchive/Upload or e-mail to:
  3. ( /pub/
    This is the prince of mac shadow archives; not only does it mirror Mac and Newton sites (apple, bio.indiana_mac, info-mac, mac-develop, macfaq, macpsych, macscitech, onramp_mac, uiowa_newton, umich_mac, utexas_mac, and utk_mac_math), it provides its own growing archive file library, providing mirrors of general information sites like CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network), RTFM newsgroups FAQs & texts, and Fidonet related mirrors.
    Note at present it supports only 100 FTP users in a class between 0800 thru 1700 CST weekdays and more FTP users outside those hours, so be gentle.
    All Files: /pub/allfiles.txt or /pub/
    Recent Files: /pub/newfiles/newfiles.txt or /pub/newfiles/
    Help: /pub/info (read them all)
    WWW: (Homepage)
    WWW: (ShadowMAC's filebase)
    WWW: http://shadowmac/mirrors.html (mirrors/shadow archives)
    WWW: (uploading new files via WWW)
  4. ( /pub/mac/
    Alias: This is an Mac freeware and shareware archive operated by Chris Johnson on one or more systems run by the Univeristy of Texas System Office of Telcommunication Services. It also has SLIPtelnet in the /pub/slip/mac/ncsa directory. "This FTP site provides LIMITED access only. Please use the "official" mirror site," (FTP login message)
  5. ( [unknown]
    Info-Mac's new home. "Software is only available from one of the many mirrors listed below." (Info-Mac mirror Web page) In this list there are sites with /info-mac directory or [IM].
    The king of macintosh ftp sites. If you want your uploads to get a wide distribution, this is the place to send them to. They also have their own message "list", the info-mac digests which is handy for those who don't have USENET access.
    Mirror sites: /info-mac/ directory or [IM]
    All Files: /info-mac/help/all-files.txt
    Recent Files: /info-mac/help/recent-files.txt
    Mirror Sites: /info-mac/help/mirror-list.txt
    Help: Look in the /info-mac/help directory, read them all.
    How to Upload: email files to or
    Files >800 K - e-mail file description to and send file in .hqx format to
  6. ( /software/mac/
    "The Mathematics Archives ( is a comprehensive site for mathematical resources on the Internet. It is accessible using anonymous ftp, gopher, or a web browser. In addition to a large collection of mathematical software, an extensive collection of WWW and gopher links to other mathematical resources on the Internet is maintained." ( [Earl D. Fife])
    Gopher: gopher://
  7. ( /pub/
    Aladdin Systems' formal anonymous ftp site. In addition to Aladdin's Mac software there are PC decoders for StuffIt files - SITEX10.EXE (win) and unsitins.exe (dos) (See format table for mare details).
  8. ( /microlib/mac/
    Alias: University of Texas Computation Center's Macintosh software archive, and headquarters of Chris Johnson's anti-virus utility Gatekeeper. Has an editorial policy on what programs it accepts.
    All Files: /microlib/mac/file-list.txt
    Recent Files: Get the file called "Update-[date]" in /microlib/mac.
    How to Upload: email to {also results in cross-posting to other archives.}
  9. ( /pub/Cabri/, /pub1/macintosh/
    Home of the CABRI (graph, geometry) software. Also contains some comp.binaries.mac files in MacBinary format.
  10. ( /Mac/
    NCSA keeps Telnet, ContigAsm, Contour, DataScope, GelReader, HypercardAnimator, NCSA Image, Import2HDF, Layout, and PalEdit here.
  11. ( /pub/mac/
    Contains some programs by Paul DuBois, and a few other utilities: BlobMgr, FaceLift, Grep, TransSkel, ZoomIdle, MakeWrite, SicnEdit, gnome, and psuedo-fpu.
  12. ( /languages/abc/
    You can find a mac version of the ABC programming language here, and also a mac version of STDWIN as /amiga-sources/stdwin/mac.tar.Z. UUNet also archives huge amounts of other material, like USENET news, GNU stuff, bsd sources, internet specs, popular unix packages, and bug fixes. All Files: /index/master.Z, /index/master-time.Z
    Recent Files: /index/changes.week.Z, /index/
    In Queue: /index/incoming.Z
    Help: /help, /index/README
    How to Upload: /tmp
    Transfer Mode: BINARY.
  13. ( /mac/
    Home of Webster Multiport Gateway tools, and other mac networking goodies, like Columbia Appletalk Package, Timelord, & Messages.
  14. ( /entrez/
    The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) developed and supports a public domain program named Entrez (pronounced "ON-tray") for browsing a comprehensive set of DNA and protein sequence databases and a subset of the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE bibliographic database. NetEntrez {freely available program available here} can be used to access the Entrez network service provided by the NCBI. NetEntrez has no access charges and does not use a CD-ROM drive. For users without Internet connectivity, ordering information for Entrez CD-ROM subscriptions is posted there, too. ( (Warren Gish)) BLAST {molecular biology searcher} can be found in the blast/network/experimental/macintosh/ directory.
    Help: Contact
  15. ( /pub/mac/
    In addition to mirroring both Info-mac {/pub/mac/info-mac} and Umich {/pub/mac/mirror-umich} this Sweden archive has large amounts of DOS, Windows, and UNIX files.
    Info: 'arkiv-underh' in the root directory {in Swedish}
    Transfer Mode: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.
  16. ( ) /mirror/ /software/platform/macos/
    Swiss SunSITE is located in Zurich and is the biggest Europian shadow archie I know of; it mirrors info-mac, umich-mac, AMUG, netscape, MachTen, oztex, peterlewis, and Apple's support site. In additionit mirrors many non-Mac archives.
    WWW: - Mirror list
  17. ( /packages/info-mac/
    A London based Info-Mac & umich {packages/mac/umich/} shadow. .gz site with on-the-fly translation {see CAUTION note above}
    Limit: 300 simultaneous users.
    HELP: mail to contact the maintainers.
    Transfer Mode: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.
  18. ( /systems/mac/
    This is the de-facto king of US shadow archives; in addition to up to date archives of Info-Mac,, and AMUG there is also an older Mac file archive {/systems/mac/info-mac/Old/} as well as the shadows of several non-Mac archives. Limit: 225/250 simultaneous users.
    Note: login to this site can become difficult when sumex gets new files.
    Transfer Mode: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.
  19. ( /{see below}
    All sorts of scientific applications, in /biology/mac/, /chemistry/mac/, /science/mac/, and /molbio/mac/. Help: /archive.doc
    How to Upload: /incoming
    Gopher: gopher://

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